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We have all been gathered in this time and space to experience and experiment as we please. What is this? Those are questions I cannot answer.

I had an experience that changed my life. What was this experience? I have no idea, but it’s there, it’s still there as I’m typing this. I woke up one day and I felt it within myself, I felt it in my eyes as I’m observing my reality, and I mistakenly thought of it as my downfall.

I’ve noticed immediately that I see the world in an entirely different view.

Life felt heavy, I had this sinking feeling in my gut, I had become out of sync with my own being. I would wake up and feel that something wasn’t right. I could not explain what this was, but I knew, I just knew it was there.

It was holding me back, so I thought, but in reality I was holding myself back. I thought it was causing me self hatred and depression. But it was me. It was me who was causing this within myself.

I truly realized tonight, Monday, October 29, 2012, 11:36 PM,

I need to let go of expectations, I need to live in the moment, I need to find  joy in whatever I have created, I need to accept myself and others as we all learn, grow, and experience life together.

Whichever name I give to this, does not matter.

The only thing I need to be aware of is that I’m a part of life, of existence, of an essence that is.

I will to tap into this river and move along with it’s flow.

- Michael Otwell

(This is a personal issue I’ve been dealing with, so this is more for documentation reasons, so I can always look back and always remember that I can truly change how this is effecting me.)

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In my humble opinion…

Unless your religion makes you a better person. If it makes you less judgmental over people’s lives. If it makes you more generous. Then it ennobles you.

But if it makes you more pretentious. If it makes you more of an asshole. If it makes you say, “I just have the real truth and everyone who doesn’t believe in what I believe is going to hell.” 

Then your religion has failed you as much as you have failed that religion.

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